10 common mistakes people make with their skin

1. Over washing your face – you end up stripping the skin
2. Exfoliating too much – it may cause dry flakes
3. Skipping daily Sunscreen – it may lead to facial flushing and burning
4. Constantly picking your skin/ touching your face – it’s going make your skin worse
5. Using your phone without cleaning – the bacteria’s on your phone screen immediately transfers to your skin causing redness and irritation
6. Not removing your makeup before going to bed – dirt, oil and sweat all mix with makeup, leads to skin irritation promoting acne breakouts
7. Consuming too much dairy and sugar – it can lead to more oil production that causes more acne
8. Changing products too quickly – it frequently leads to skin irritation
9. Not drinking enough water – Water is the most inexpensive beauty product with the highest return on investment
10. Not washing your makeup brushes regularly – makeup brushes hold a lot of bacteria and dead skin cells which may cause irritation and acne breakouts on your skin